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Help with using FriendsReunitedDating: How can I rate the picture of a FriendsReunitedDating member and what is a personal rating?

When you look at someone's profile you will notice a set of 'stars' in front of the legend "Personal rating". If you hover your mouse over the stars the stars will turn yellow; you can then rate the member by clicking on a star (1 star being the lowest score, 5 stars being the highest possible score).

Can I change my ratings?

Your own personal rating can't be changed. You can only reset your rating to zero.

Where can I see 'Who rated me'?

Click on the link "Who rated me" on your Homepage or "Who voted for me" on the "My Account" page, if you want to see who has increased your rating on the site.

Where can disable this function?

If you want to turn off your ratings, go to "My Account" and select "Stars rating - Disable".

Where can I manage/reset my ratings?

If you want to manage/reset your ratings, go to "My Account" and select "Stars rating - manage or reset".

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