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would you date a girl wearing a push up bra?

# 1  12/6/13 4:11 PM



# 2  12/7/13 9:00 PM

I would date a woman that wears one and I would not dump her because she wears one. In my opinion, the size of a woman's breasts does not define her. If she feels more confidence wearing one then so be it.

# 3  12/10/13 12:38 PM

My father taught me that the measure of a woman isn't dictated by the size of her bra or the quality of her looks, but by the size of her heart and the quality of her character. If you're lucky, she judge you by those same standards.

# 4  12/12/13 12:31 PM


personally ive never worn one never felt comfortable in it

# 5  12/14/13 12:34 AM

OMG I wear 1 an it certainly gives my dresses the wow factor, an thats without the horrible thought of implants, yuk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
my body is my temple, well without sillicon,lol

# 6  12/14/13 12:57 AM

you across the pond reno? cos most americans a bit more open minded than the brits,lol but hey i don't care nothin wrong with enhancin wot u got,lol

# 7  12/14/13 1:12 AM

nice to talk to you hunni, i got relatives in chicago an toronto an LA, jus don't get to see them too often, anyway you keep on goin girl, u'll find the right guy eventually, jus don't get involved with a control freak, get rid soon as possible, they only want a free ride,lol

# 8  12/14/13 1:22 AM

thats ok my e-mail is
if you e-mail me i can give you my mobile u can txt me anytime hunni ok, no probs, thats what we women do is talk too much,lol

# 9  12/21/13 5:58 AM

Wouldn't bother me a bit

# 10  6/17/14 5:00 PM

i think it is ridiculous that a guy would even consider letting a push up bra differ their judment on the girl they r talking to..completely crazy! haha...never had a boyfriend...too busy studying and trying to get good results without worrying whether they like me if i have or havent got a push up bra haha