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why ppl think it is off-putting to meet online?

# 1  12/10/13 12:46 PM

Is it embarrassing to you to admit to your friends that you met your bf/gf online? But if you rarely go out how else are you suppose to meet someone? What's the big deal?


# 2  12/12/13 12:26 PM


the online is far larger than the real one. so no, it's not embarrassing lol

# 3  4/5/14 6:28 AM

It doesn't help that people who place them selves on dating sites either don't provide all the required details (and it being true as well) let alone a vast majority going online dating sites just for the meat market. Some profiles Ive herd from a few guys i know think that the females in some cases are waaay to unrealistic and are portraying them selves as meat or gold diggers. Not to say there are some shocking male profiles around as well.
Nothing annoys me more than people not reading a profile, let alone having their profile updated. That and there has been occasions where people place photos of what they looked like years ago instead of what they look now now.

If that's not enough to put people off i could mention loads more.