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Is shyness holding you back?

# 1  10/27/13 5:13 PM

I'm a shy guy, never been good at asking girls out. If its a non dating scenario/ potential ask-out scenario I can talk to just about anyone.


# 2  11/7/13 2:08 PM

yes, yes YES...the shyness is such a burden..I really don't know where to turn..!

# 3  11/23/13 3:07 AM

I've been a shy man most of my entire life, and it never bothers me that I am that way. I learned that shyness has real good qualities in it. It even serves as a form of attractiveness for some people, including myself. People notice you when you are an attention getter, but on the same hand people notice you for your shyness. I think shyness is an attractive quality for some people. I actually prefer a shy woman myself. What could be holding shy people back is that they focus on their shyness too much and it becomes a part of their personality. Embrace it and good things will come to you.

# 4  5/24/14 12:22 PM

It can certainly be a pain, though I do think a lot of it comes down to being cautious and self preservation, but yes it can hold me back initially.