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Side effects of dating?

# 1  9/24/13 2:59 PM

kiley wrote:

My friend says everytime she starts dating someone she can't eat in front of them for at least 3 months.

Wow! Is she single? As It'll save me a small fortune in wining & dining.


# 2  9/26/13 11:09 AM

side effect: an empty wallet

# 3  11/20/13 9:32 AM

initial side effects:

Permanent grin

# 4  1/9/14 1:14 PM

side effect of dating is disappointment and frustration. I have been on a few dates but have not found the right person do I give up and find another way of meeting people?


# 5  4/12/14 8:48 PM

what I have found in the dating sites is that some people isn't honest about them selfs about what they really looking for .I talk about this cause 1 year and half time that's mean a year ago I was dating some persons but this to person no want to take the iniciative in the relationship they wanted that the woman take control in everything and I don't like it like that the man if he is interesting in the woman suppouse to call the lady and invite her to go out to meet her ,and if he lives far from her at least one time the lady can go to his place and other time he can come to see her where she lives I said this cause I meet a person who live far from where I live like an hour and half from my  house and he only came one time to seeme later he complaint about that I live to far so I quit to start seeing this person I don't like man like that .