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Can men be trusted?

# 1  11/10/13 5:38 AM

If you believe you can be trusted... tell us ladies in what way you believe that we can rely on you.

And no this is not a


# 2  11/10/13 9:50 AM

Hello Shell,

Good topic I have some thoughts on the subject but want to see what other people say at first

# 3  11/12/13 9:43 AM

I believe trust can be earned, but nowadays, it's very easy to acquire trust from someone. A person must be respected before they can be trusted...A relationship should be built upon trust and trust is usually earned over a long period of time. If you rush things in a relationship, the relationship will not last because of lack of trust. I personally think that REAL trust is only earned by people you love.

# 4  11/12/13 12:15 PM

I know so many women who have all said the same thing that men can't be trusted but I wonder if its perhaps a communication issue.

I'm taking on board your comment about needing time to earn trust.

In what way do you think time assists men in making themselves trustworthy.

# 5  2/11/14 10:30 PM

Reno_Sacramento wrote:

Can anyone ( male or female) be trusted!???  IDK  Every individual is different with morals and integrity so each person needs evaluated separately over time before you really know if you can trust the person.....

i agree women can be just as untrustful as men i am sure the numbers match just watch the morry show who's my babies daddie lol....

# 6  3/3/14 8:38 AM

TRUE trust have to be build over time, because with time you can learn about someone, learn how they REALLY think, and a lie don't lasts forever, give time(sometimes a lot) and the lies will fall, and you will know if the person in question can be trusted.

# 7  4/23/14 1:06 AM

if you want to date a boring, not that attractive, not that adventurous and not that charismatic....then he probably wont cheat!! But if you want a fun, fun loving, dynamic man....then he will probably attract a lot of woman and is it leaves room for opportunity to cheat ...especially when it is thrown in your face......we are all human!!

# 8  4/24/14 1:16 AM

Trust isn't a gender issue. Some people you can trust, some you cant, whether they are male or female.  You just gotta trust your gut.

# 9  5/13/14 6:26 PM

Yeah of course they can be..
But exception is there too my friend

# 10  5/15/14 12:55 PM

Some guys can and some guys can't.  And there's not real way to tell the difference until you meet them.  Some guys you can trust with your life and the lives of the people that are most important to you, others you can't let walk behind you cause they'll try something they shouldn't.

# 11  6/18/14 9:28 PM


Trust is a hard one to comment on. If your gut says no run. Validating if you can trust someone depends on how this person behaves. Actions not words. Does this person lift you up, make you happy. Show care when  you are down. Does selfless acts for you.

# 12  8/9/15 4:13 PM


Trust has 2 components - the one person needs to be trustworthy, i.e. they must behave correctly, and the other person must be able to read that trustworthiness. There's no point in you behaving correctly if your partner can't work out that you're behaving correctly and so doesn't trust you.
Being able to tell whether someone is trustworthy or not is a real skill! Not so many people have it.

That's where time comes in - some people take a long time to get to know their partner and to discover whether they can be trusted. Others can do it more quickly.

And trust doesn't only vary between people, it varies between relationships. Someone might be trustworthy in one relationship but untrustworthy in a different relationship.