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question for men

# 1  10/30/13 4:57 AM

What does it mean when a man says he loves you but is not it love with you ? Have been dating exclusive for almost 9 months but the last 3 months have been only once a week on a week night when his live in child is visiting the other parent ?  I should also say there are extenuating circumstances with the child (special needs) .   And yet he says I am a treasure and that he is so relaxed with me.


# 2  10/30/13 11:59 AM

I have never said I love you to anyone that I didn't love. I know some guys who have used it to get what they wanted though. It comes down to trust I think.

# 3  11/1/13 5:19 PM

He is distancing himself. This is how some men end a relationship.  They can't come right out and say the relationship is not want they want anymore.  They may use the excuse they don't want to hurt you, but in reality they can't handle the emotional part of breaking up.  He said it-I'm not IN love with you.  There is someone out there who will fall in love with you.  You won't find him until you break ties with this one.  Take what you learned from this experience and what you learned about yourself and move on.  You deserve someone who is willing to put their all into a relationship with you.  I'm just trying to be real, not trying to hurt you.  I've been around the "block" a few times.

# 4  11/22/14 7:46 PM


From a male perspective the last message is spot on.   good luck dating