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how important is sex in the beginning?

# 1  11/4/13 1:34 PM

guys will you actually be with a girl who wont put out right away and take the time to honestly get to know her?
ive had several guys who showed a LOT of interest in me, then after a few weeks of me not putting out yet , they turned theirs back upon.
I just dont understand, i would think a guy would be happy a girl wont put out right away and has respect for herself in that sense and looks at sex as a really romantic experience with someone you care about, i mean its not like im waiting until im married! but come on!


# 2  11/5/13 2:16 AM

when u r young and a vigin its very important.....for guys sex..
but the age u r dateing should be more grown up....good thing u didnt put found out
very quickly what they were after.. you have good sense..
I could tell you some more but wont bore you...
The right guy will turn up,when the times right..

# 3  11/7/13 10:57 PM

sex is not the be all and end all ... but the icing on the cake
if people aren't prepared to wait till your ready then their not worth wasting your time on
like i told my daughter keep 1 hand on your purse and the other on your knickers...... you'll know when to let go
happy hunting

# 4  11/11/13 1:52 PM


I've known some men, not many, but some, who will wait. Just don't make them wait forever. There's nothing wrong with a few weeks though. I believe when he's the right guy you'll both be in tune with one another and it won't be a power struggle.

# 5  11/12/13 9:35 AM

I don't think it's possible to have a healthy relationship with a man when your idea of men and relationships includes this part about timing when you "put out". The premise sells men short generally and so it only suits a man who you would not want to date anyway. Because of that the timing becomes irrelevant, like when is the best time to start a bad relationship? There is no right time to go about something the wrong way. I'm not sure how you could get to a better view of men from where you're starting out, except that it can't hurt to stop making negative assumptions even if you haven't yet any positive ones to replace them.

# 6  11/18/13 1:26 PM

HELLO u all. 4 me sex is almost 90% av the relesionship. if it doesent work in bed by:-)

# 7  3/3/14 8:52 AM

Why time? fi it's a good relationship, then it will happen normaly, if it's not happening then or it's a good friendship or he/she isn't the one for you.

# 8  6/7/14 11:58 PM

Personnally, i get bored too fast. You'd have to absolutley knock my socks off in other areas. But there would have to be some sexual contact by like date 3. Otherwise, I'm out. Ive had several long meaningful relationships that started with sex.

# 9  6/18/14 9:02 PM


Apologies, men and myself included are at times dogs. We all have our moments. One of two reasons for the bad luck. You are opting for the wrong men. Alternatively, you are not up front about not wanting the physical till you get to know and have sparks.

Best to be upfront.

# 10  6/22/14 10:22 PM

for me is very important 80 procent form relationship
but it is not all

# 11  1/2/15 1:22 PM


Those few weeks where the mystique of sex with a new partner is very exciting in my view! I have never started a relationship with a girl who offered sex on the first date.
I have had women who offer lots of sex to try and lure me into a full relationship - when the agreement was casual only.
Taking advantage of the latter is for men who think with their willies, I'd rather walk away than Use someone.
Ultimately - who wants someone who is Easy?