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asked me how much I make a year on a first date..seriously?

# 1  11/13/13 1:15 PM

I can see her wanting to know that when the two of you are contemplating moving in together, but it's definately NOT first date question

I would be offended too.


# 2  11/17/13 8:39 AM

I did laugh when I read what happened...probably because I was so surprised. I've never asked a man what his income's none of my business. I'm afraid your date had no manners and I hope you gave her the flick. All the best in your search

# 3  11/18/13 1:17 PM


lol what did you do? bore that girl to death so she had no valid questions left? okay, look at the bright side - least you found out early.

# 4  11/21/13 9:09 AM

Its bloody out of order. I don't understand how someone you don't know can ask you that.

# 5  12/4/13 10:43 AM

Very tacky on her part and you did the right thing

# 6  4/5/14 6:30 AM

tasting wrote:

The subject came up about my work and she wanted to know exactly how much I make a year. I didn't answer because I didn't think it was any of her business.

Does anyone else think it is normal to ask that question when you've just met for the first time?

That's rather appalling i think, definitely not a 1st date question