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are you friends with a former lover on facebook?

# 1  9/18/13 11:01 AM


i personally have no problems with it. but many people do seem usually unfrend their exes on facebook. what would you choose? would you delete them or not and why?


# 2  9/18/13 1:09 PM

It depends. Some people can be civil after the breakup and some can't

# 3  9/21/13 12:35 PM


Mary wrote:

I would delete...I don't want them knowing my business and don't want to know their either...

good point lol. it would cause no drama if delete

# 4  9/24/13 12:09 PM


deb122010 wrote:

I would not have facebook page in the fist place hehe

wise decision. can't blame lol

# 5  9/25/13 9:19 AM

I think it would depend on the situation, if it is causing drama then no..

# 6  11/21/13 9:51 PM

tasting wrote:

How can you move on with your future if you keep dweling on your past.Obviously its a reason you are not togeather anymore which is probably why some people aren't broke.

Very true ..being single looking at what the ex is doing can make you feel lost, then you wake up and remember why you split up.

# 7  12/1/13 9:12 PM

I have my first wife and a woman i was engaged to when i was in my twenties as friends on f/b
and why not ? We'd help each other out if we could

# 8  4/7/14 8:51 PM

I've been wondering this, was recently dumped and he hasn't deleted me off fb... Why would he keep me think it's strange.   Me I can't delete him as I still have feelings and I'm nosey ha