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Would u date or marry girl who is in the military?

# 76  3/8/13 4:15 AM

reeyah wrote:


Would u ever date a girl or even marry one who is in military, who may have to go away overseas for months at time possible for workthings?

Please, give your answers. I really wonder … rls171.jpg


# 77  3/9/13 12:53 AM

Yes I would like to date or marry a woman who is in the U.S. military I was in the military and no one even looked at me at the time due to the time frame I was in the army I was in when the Viet Nam war was on and at that time men in the military where not to popular but yes why not they are defending our country and woman in uniform are just smoking hot.

# 78  3/10/13 12:29 AM

reeyah wrote:


Would u ever date a girl or even marry one who is in military, who may have to go away overseas for months at time possible for workthings?

Please, give your answers. I really wonder … rls171.jpg

If it were you I might! LOL  Seriously though, it would depend on how wild or mild you are.  Did you give in to me easily when we first met?  Or did I have to wait a little bit?  Do I believe you love me as much as you say?  Lastly and most importantly, I can't control what you do while you are away no more than you can control what I am doing.  It's a chance you take and if he really loves you, he'll marry you even if you go overseas.  On the other hand, are you afraid he would cheat or that you would cheat and if you cheated, how long would you wait to tell him about it?  If he cheated, how long do you think he will wait to tell you about it?  Stay into today and do what's in your heart because tomorrow is not promised.  You have only today and if you only had today, would it have been one of the best days of your life or one of confusion?  If it doesn't work out, it wasn't meant to be and will not stand the test of time.  Love is a bitch!  That ole saying, tis better to have loved than to never have loved at all !  Good luck sweety, you look hot! LOL

# 79  3/10/13 7:45 PM

As a veteran of Iraq in 2009 and I am now currently in Afghanistan I can tell you that some relationships work and some do not during deployments. I've seen some last that you thought wouldn't and I have seen perfect relationships fall apart. It takes not only a strong couple to make it through these hard times but a even stronger individual. Lets face it, when one of you deploy you are still "together" but now it's only in your hearts and minds. The physical aspect of the relationship is gone. The kisses, the cuddling, the hugs. It's all gone. It takes trust, I say again it takes TRUST. 100% no BS no insecurities involved trust. Without it, chances it will work are slim. Take my current situation. I was with a girl for 3 years. I raised her daughter as if she were my own for those 3 years. She called me Daddy, no one taught her to call me that. She learned that on her own. 2.5 years after dating I got deployed. I came home on leave 3 months later and proposed. I left and went overseas. Long story short, she lied, lied, and lied some more about where she was New Years,  She got caught because lets just say I know a lot of people that are able to find these things out. She admitted to being drunk with another guy in his truck but "didn't do anything. I was also told that she wasn't wearing her ring that night and was telling everyone she was single.  Then, 1 week before Valentines day she moves her and her daughter into her new boyfriends house who just happens to be a different guy than her New Years drunk affair.  So to answer, yes, it can work. but it can also go terribly wrong... prepare yourself for both outcomes, even though nothing can prepare you for a broken heart. There is love, and then there's deployment love.

# 80  5/8/13 11:00 AM

reeyah wrote:


Would u ever date a girl or even marry one who is in military, who may have to go away overseas for months at time possible for workthings?

Please, give your answers. I really wonder


# 81  5/8/13 4:47 PM

Yes I would, as I have severed in the military for over 20 years, and under stand what its like to have to head over seas to defend the rights of the people at home.
I also Know what is meant, when I say I was faithful the whole time I was not at home. Wore out the warm spots when I got home, as there was alot of time to catch on.

Just saying.

# 82  5/8/13 10:23 PM

No I would not at any age. I wouldn't date a female cop or fireman either. The military has way to many rape cases. I don't know why they let woman in combat.

# 83  7/6/13 2:19 PM

You are so cute!  I'm ex military and I totally share your thoughts.

# 84  7/29/13 6:55 PM

SURELY they would... Well, same as what girls like... Men in UNIFORM are so COOL!!

# 85  8/9/13 8:42 PM

Hell yeah i would marry a girl in the service all it brings is a different kind of personality and love to the table yeah it would be rough if they were gone for a while but they wont be gone forever and absence makes the heart grow fonder. For real love time and distance is nothing you make it work because its worth it so damn straight id defiantly go for a girl in the service.

# 86  8/13/13 7:25 PM

I would date a girl in the military if we were compatible. I wouldn't do it just for the uniform though. When I was active duty I dated a lot of my fellow female soldiers and it was a lot of fun. Now that I'm civilian I work on Fort Huachuca and see dozens of really attractive female soldiers each week; I would date them, it's just very difficult to meet them considering the atmosphere of our base and all.

# 87  8/27/13 12:07 PM

What so wrong with a gal in the military? I dated many a girl while i was active duty military.  and some were in service.

# 88  9/1/13 4:22 PM


I don't really know. It never presented itself to me when I was younger, but I don't really think the military would have any business in whether I fell in love with someone. You either do or don't. The military may make it where you never meet or run in different circles, but if you like someone you just do.

# 89  9/8/13 1:03 PM

I would date man in the military only If he was getting out soon....I don't think I could handle them gone abroad for years  That would suck!

# 90  9/30/13 8:31 PM

Yes I would, but than again I was in the military myself.

# 91  10/2/13 8:31 AM

Hi Reeha i defenately date military serving girl but i prefer it better who take off service after her dream to serve nation for certain period of time least 10 years of her wish to do service nation to full fill her dreams as masculine but as a feminine to be  with her dreams after certain period of time. but if she is Capricorn sign born on Saturday and having good looks who is stand on her words then only whether she is divorced or unmarried i will date her below 37 years age then only....! why because as a women he as full fill other need of man for her family and relationship...? if she feel as a feminine in other chores it will be good.

# 92  10/3/13 5:48 AM

Yes, I would. My grandfather was a Major and my father was in Third Army, not a better man around. I grew u at the Vets club and they were all very nice guys.

# 93  10/6/13 12:39 PM

tessb wrote:

Yes, I would. My grandfather was a Major and my father was in Third Army, not a better man around. I grew u at the Vets club and they were all very nice guys.


# 94  10/7/13 9:35 AM

It's all depends on LOVE and how much u love them and how much they love you. And also wither or not u can handle someone who more than likely has a some what dominating personality. 3 Sisters that are in the Navy one is a
Petty Officer 2nd Class and she does take charge unless u step up to her and go Stand down Squid. For me it's a turn on just so long as she can respect my area's where I like to have control most of the time.

# 95  10/25/13 7:05 PM

Yes, as I spent 20 Years in the Army.

# 96  11/11/13 2:06 AM

Hopefully a relationship could stand some separation of a space of time and distance, so it would be good with me. The military has been that way for a long time and most survive, just a little tougher.

# 97  2/3/14 2:53 PM

Been Ex Military i would prefer to meet females who are either currently serving or like my self Ex Service women  we have would have a better understanding of one another .

# 98  2/3/14 4:48 PM

That is the million dollar question isn't it. Would you date a man in the same position? Now I don't want to start a argument what would be the point.
Yes I would but you would have to be a kinder person than the person who asked this question. For the reason that the people who serve and come home to someone who would ask something as stupid as that does not need to be in any kind of relationship.
Sorry this may not be a reply you like, but I believe in telling my thoughts as I see them.

# 100  5/26/15 10:06 PM


Dating someone in the military is a personal choice. I can understand for some people there are pros and cons. I think there are some definite advantage for example people in the military have a lot of dedication and drive and determination all good qualities for a good relationship. I can imagine people in the military also need to trust one another and have loyalty to one other again both good qualities for a good relationship and dating. Alternatively I can see that there may be some difficulties and challenges with dating a relationship with someone in the military. For example they may be away from home a lot and you may have to have a long distance relationship. However there are some great websites to help people who have long distance relationships and to how to easily balance working hours with dating and relationships, for example is a great free website where you can search for people by what hours or what days they work which would be great if you're in the military or looking to date someone in the military.