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What does your 30s mean to you?

# 1  11/11/13 3:55 PM

I would say times have change turning thirty.  Is just a number.  Now its time to look for better things in your life.


# 2  11/12/13 5:03 PM

After 2 marriages and a few girl friends I am still looking for the love that I have always searched for. My main problem is that the type of woman I want doesn't exist anymore. I have never cared about age but to me a person has to live up to the words that they say and most women these days are not loyal to the man they with.

# 3  11/14/13 9:44 AM

Screw the thirties; I'd rather look forward than look back!

# 4  11/18/13 2:13 PM

When you are 67 you don't see any difference between your 20's and 30's lol

# 5  11/19/13 12:49 PM

It means nothing, except the meaning I give it, so again, it means nothing. A number, no attachment to it.

# 6  11/20/13 10:06 AM

That I am NOT 30 anymore and those days are long gone

# 7  4/5/14 6:35 AM

im 32 and looking forward to organizing my 35th. It is just a number and you get what you put out if you become sad about a number (30) then of course things will seem bad. My 30th i celebrated by treating myself then meeting up with friends for drinks and dancing, life is what you make of it and to short to sit and complain.