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What do men want?

# 1  12/19/13 1:49 PM

What is it that men really want? Seems like a lot of men have double standards, they say they want a good girl, but push for a good girl to be naughty and sexual.


# 2  12/20/13 10:30 AM

We want bacon

# 3  1/3/14 2:59 PM

What men in general want from a woman...

Not speaking for all men, but some. If I was looking I mean seriously looking for a woman. I want her to be good and classy when in public out and about. At the same time if there is a real connection.. whisper softly in a public place sweet nothing as I would do to her. Little sexual talk keeps the relationship going and if she a blusher then it's a bonus to make her turn red when in a crowded place.. If you think that is a double standard so be it...Good and Classy to start...really naughty behind closed doors.. That is the ideal woman.

I hope that clears up some of the question if not I will try to go in more detail

# 4  2/2/14 2:55 AM

i know it sounds confusing,..and you don't know what to make of it,..(i can understand that.)MYYYY problem i have connnnstantly run into all my life has been hearing women say..."ohhh,..i wish i had a "GOOD GUY",...someone who would treat me right,..thennn,..when they get him,..or one comes along,..they go,...nahhh,..i changed my mind.sooo many women have been treated like crap,for soooo long,..that's all they know.sooo,.when a 'GOOD GIY" like me comes along,'s scary,& unfamiliar territory,..they shy away from it.sooo,...don't fell like,..your the only one who is lost... .when I think about what i'm looking for,..i want someone who can give & take,..(if you know what i mean...)someone who can be GOOD,..when necessary,..but also,..abit of a bad side as well,...alll too often,..I get the short end of the stick,..& I end up doing almost everything.(not cool).good luck with your search.

# 5  3/31/14 4:27 AM

S3x love & rock & roll

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# 7  5/2/14 12:59 AM

what men want?
a woman that is there for them.