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What are men over 60 really looking for????

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# 1  8/23/13 5:03 AM

OK guys, just what are you really looking for besides someone your granddaughter's age?  You don't fill in profiles, your pictures are either 20 years old or non-existent.  If your not serious why are you on this site?  Wishfull thinking or taking vigria?  Life is too short for your short comings.  Just because women are looking for a healthy gentleman close to their age doesn't mean anything is acceptable.  Get real or move on to another game you are capable of playing.


# 2  8/23/13 9:59 PM

Some people can get along with someone much older or younger but that is very rare. Your most compatible match is someone close in age, health, weight, looks, income, education and interests. If you are a 5 and 60 and you are shooting for a 10 who is 40 you are not in your category. You can not get better than what you are. It won't last.

# 3  3/3/14 2:26 AM

No what I hate is these guys who put their age as 18, but their pics look like they belong to 40+ year olds. I have never understood why people lie about their ages.

# 4  3/3/14 8:24 AM

I don't really know, since i'm just 18, but i think that they just don't want to admit the pass of time, the loss of beauty and the loss of vitality