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The worst pickup lines you've ever heard

# 101  5/5/13 8:02 AM

How much does a polar bear weigh? enough to brake the Ice hi I'm.......

Does this bar napkin smell like chloroform to you? I'm kidding can I buy you a drink?

Hay I fallowed a rain bow and it lead me right down to you.

Hi whats your name? Oh I thought your name was Snapple because your made of the best stuff on earth.

Do you fined it hard to run in those shoes? Because you've been running through my mined all day.

Papa bear looks OK, mamma bear looks little better but baby bear you look just right.

I have this magic watch that can tell what your thinking. are you thinking "I dont have any panties on?" No ? damn stupid things 5 minuets fast.

Want to crash a high school prom with me?

# 102  5/11/13 10:58 AM

Kayaker42 wrote:

Bad pick up line......"I must be the sun and you must be earth, because the closer we get, the hotter you become."

i must b trippin cuz the "sun/earth thing?"...........when its obvious in yer may say somn' lame, but the female , if she's hip to you won't care what you say or how much an asss you come of...........sincerety and straight honesty! alwyas worked for least for a courteous smile!

# 103  6/4/13 1:06 AM

Somebody actually walked over, looked back at his friends and tried "hey, i just met you, and this is crazy, but heres his number, so call him maybe?" and gave me his buddies number lol

# 104  6/6/13 7:57 AM

Never bothered with pickup lines...just said "Hi." If the lady was interested, great.  If not, no sense wasting an extra heartbeat and looking like an idiot in the process.

# 105  6/13/13 2:35 AM

did you wash your pants in windex because i can see myself in them.

# 106  9/3/13 10:45 AM

rialai wrote:

..i hope you know CPR because you take my breath away"

      - it's cute somehow..what makes it worst is that the kind of person who says it..

I gotten that one on here . maybe same guy lmao

# 107  9/8/13 12:59 PM

I was asked once if I was an egg or a marble. Wtf??

# 108  9/20/13 2:30 AM

The absolute worst pick up line I have ever heard was "Nice shoes, do you f*ck?"
The sad part was she went home with him!

# 109  12/17/13 12:30 PM

Did I leave my dentures at your place ?

# 110  12/17/13 1:12 PM

tidus65666 wrote:

Why aren’t you in jail? It's illegal to look that good.
Are you a leprechaun? Because I think you’re my lucky charm.
Do you have a jersey? Because I need your name and number.
Do you have a bandage? I scraped my knee when I fell for you.

These were all just used on me LOL!

Hi; I o l understand the bandaid One

# 111  1/26/14 12:40 PM

Hay do want to chat with me? I only live 1700 miles away lol

# 112  1/26/14 11:31 PM

hi i had alot know my hotel number..well if u dont ..its room23   empire hotal..

# 113  1/27/14 12:18 AM

would u go out with me....we could be magic together........a bit like cleopatra and mark antony

# 114  1/27/14 2:45 AM

“I need to see other women to prove to myself ....that my love for you is genuine.”