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Sexless Dating

# 1  11/7/12 9:33 AM

Sexless dating is... well, you all know what sexless dating is.

More to the point, is sexless dating something that you would be willing to partake in?

I do not mean, would you go on a date or two with someone, where no sex was involved.

My question is directed to the willingness for participation in an ongoing dating relationship, that does not include sex.

I do not want to be unfair to the virgin population among us, but the question is best asked of those, who have at least some sexual experience. That is, once you have had sex, would you willingly go without?

Could you sublimate your sexual feelings and desires, with a regular dating partner, and indefinitely forgo sexual intercourse?


# 2  11/10/12 4:23 AM

sure would. sometimes it could make a relationship that much more in depth. myself i have been there. after the first little while honestly its not even a issue after that.

# 3  11/10/12 12:07 PM

I think the better question here is why would you want to do this?

Physical intimacy is part of a relationship. It doesn't have to be part of it right away, but it is a big part of the connection we feel within the relationship. So why would we want to remove this one aspect? Would it make any sense to remove phone calls, conversations, dining together or any of the many other aspects of dating?

A relationship that does not eventually involve some degree of physical intimacy is a friendship and is therefore not to be considered dating.

# 4  10/21/13 11:37 AM

u_lin wrote:

i've been seeing one guy for 3 years and more than a year we haven't had sex at that weird?

This is a quote from your profile....... i hate men that cheat don't write me if you have those habits,

I am trying to understand both hate men who cheat but your in a 3 year relationship and are on this site looking for a guy????  Am I missing something?

# 5  2/10/14 4:38 AM

u_lin wrote:

i've been seeing one guy for 3 years and more than a year we haven't had sex at that weird?

yes that is weird!!! so why???

# 6  2/15/14 6:59 PM

Well it all depends on who your dating and what you want . If your just seeking a short term realtionship  then go for it . If your wanting something more take your time do your research on the woman . The longer you can wait  the better your realtionship will be . Now that being said because your so young . You must get acquainted with the woman get to know her . You should always think if she get pregant can I handle this . Can I man up!!!!!

# 7  6/21/14 11:05 PM

I see today's world as a time and people that has become trapped in its own mire of selfishness. We love ourselves and use others. We see the opposite sex as life support for a penis or a vagina. People go from person to person like shopping in a used car lot. I feel that if we are honest with ourselves we feel regret for treating others this way. I suspect that much of the psychological problems of today arise from this regret. We say we love the other person when in reality we are saying we love the orgasm that the person provides us. It seems the attitude toward dating is much like the fantasy implied from pornography, where we believe we will be physically gratified and the other person will give us what we want when we want it because they supposedly want the same thing. That is why divorce is so high because the fantasy leads to disappointment which compels us to desert our partner. We seem to feel that life is not life if it is not always fun so we grow bored with the dating partner when things become familiar and routine. Desertion appears as a solution when it actually compounds the said regret. That is the folly of treating people like sex machines instead of persons with joys, fears, dreams, hopes and sorrows. They matter less to us than our coffee maker. I propose we have no right to sex unless we have promised to stay with the other person for the rest of our lives. That is called marriage. I understand this view is unpopular. I have played this game. I understand that once we have sex it feels like we should always have it, regardless of marital status. To me that sounds like an addiction.

# 8  3/20/16 9:12 AM


I consider dating a woman for however long without having sex a dear friend.
I know a lady who is married and have been out for a drink with her on many occasions,but have never made a pass at her, attractive as she is.
She is a good friend only, although I like her very much and she is also attractive.