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the WORST thing about being single

# 1  11/18/13 1:10 PM


no one to kiss and

what are the worst things about being single in your opinion?


# 2  11/18/13 5:08 PM

Beautiful-life wrote:

no one to kiss and

what are the worst things about being single in your opinion?

Going out to dinner or cinema alone, no one to hold hands with!!

# 3  11/19/13 12:44 AM

Two things..... number 1 is having to use your hands and 2 having to wash up and wipe my own arse ! lol
That is, in a nutshell, reality. Many men out there are culprits of this take for granted effect, so despite what we feel down on in the field of singles, the reality is the truth. Female partners out there, take a bow. Us men will sub-consciously miss, the x-partner more for the chores that we now have to do ourselves, than how our emotions make us behave, loneliness, missing people etc
Other than that I'd say xmas and new years eve are worst.

# 4  12/14/13 2:06 AM

OMG thats bloody awful!!!!!!!!!!!!! crikey I got friends that stick by me, ya ave to call in a few favours now an again reno!!!
above all i got three kids, an 4 grandchildren, i've helped them out the bad times, they eva let me down wen i ask for helf, well they no whats comin,lol

# 5  4/1/14 6:01 PM

There are a lot of things I miss. The holding hands, the soft touch, the conversations, smiles and laughter, there are also a lot of little things... I think we all miss more than what we say... the hugs and kisses... doing all kinds of things together as to not doing things by yourself...

# 6  4/4/14 12:37 AM

Adalie5612 wrote:

All those hugs going to waste

scew the hugs lets get to the four play. oh thats whats missing.

# 7  4/8/14 11:56 AM

Always happy ............ Always fun No drama

# 8  8/7/21 9:34 PM


feeling  that as times goes by , the older you get, less desirable you are and  that  the reality is that you will never again have as much as a passionate kiss.