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Question for a middle aged men

# 1  10/30/13 11:58 AM

Not interested in babysitting. Besides I want to meet a life partner. Very much age difference menas she wil probably outlive me and i dont want to put somebody I love through that.


# 2  11/7/13 2:12 PM

I don't think age matters. As a matter of fact I know girl who is 29 and the love of her life is 45. Age difference has not stopped them lol

# 3  11/8/13 12:43 AM


I'm not sure that when I mention something that happened in my lifetime, like worrying about being drafted for Vietnam, it would resonate with a young woman.  Would she have the same passion for listening to James Taylor or Simon and Garfunkel?  Having things in common is critical to me.  A few wrinkles or grey hair comes with the territory.  I try to keep myself in good shape, but I’m older – you can’t hide that.  Why should women?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Women with white hair and wrinkles can be as beautiful as a 25 year-old, but they come with wisdom and understanding from years of life.  That’s a bonus!  Chasing young women to demonstrate machismo is a waste of time.  Better to judge each person you encounter as an individual, capable of surprises - young or older.

# 4  11/20/13 9:37 AM

They can dream, can't they?

# 5  4/7/14 11:34 AM


asw3985 wrote:

...If you are a middle aged man, and your profile says 'man age 37 looking for women between the ages of 18 and 37' do you really think woman your age, or around your age would want to date a man looking for women that young? And do you really think women that young would want to date a man your age?

I think BEWARE