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Name 3 things you just can't stand.

# 26  5/13/14 10:37 AM

1) People that don't reply to chat requests. A simple YES or NO never harmed anyone.

2) People that think THEY are out of your league. As far as I am concerned, there is no league. But if you come out with that line, then it is clear, I am way out of yours.

3) Fake profiles. I don't need to say anymore, you know were I'm going with that one.

# 27  5/18/14 8:42 PM

dentists.........wheel clampers and cheats

# 28  5/26/14 5:55 AM

Dishonesty, Manipulators, Cell Phone Junkies...

# 29  6/22/14 3:48 AM

1) USERS- which would be liars, cheaters, don't care about other people.

2) LIVER!!!!!

3) two faced, judgmental people who think their better then someone. and DRUNKS

I got to say another. Men who  want to be only sex buddies. Their telling you  they don't like you enough to want to see you as in having a relationship, No I don't want to take you to meet my mother, I do want to have sex with other woman, i don't want to care about you and I don't want to love you. But when I want sex I will call you but then you got to go!. YEP I can't stand a man like that. Who in their right mind
would want treated like that?