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Name 3 things you just can't stand.

# 1  11/14/12 12:29 PM

I think everyone should have 3 things they will never be able to like.It tells something about your character.
My short list follows.
2.Professional Wrestling.
3.Pastel Colors.


# 2  11/17/12 3:50 AM

I cant stand people who talk on the phone while driving.

# 3  12/27/12 3:25 AM

Three things I can't stand:

1. People who cannot get off or turn off their cell phones for any reason 
2. Winter driving
3. People who say they like you or love you, but want to change things about you.  If you cannot accept me as I am then
I am not for you,

# 4  12/27/12 6:27 AM

humm. some of mine are already taken

1) people that are constantly on there phone or pda or whatever you wanna call it. even when you are out doing something or trying to have a conversation they are paying attention to the phone
2)people who feel they are better then others simply because they are them and you are not. (there is alot of this on the site here)
3)lairs,cheaters,beaters and dis-respecters. nothing worse then these types of people. i will never understand there mindset.

# 5  6/20/13 11:46 AM

two face people

# 6  6/22/13 4:07 PM

People who use their car horn like a door bell.
Condescending people
and women who use the word "like" every other word.

# 7  8/18/13 10:31 PM

People who 'multitask' on their cellphone while you're having a conversation with them. (Basically, rude people.)
Watching sports. (I have never understood the fascination...)

# 8  8/19/13 2:17 AM


People who base premature ideas on people they know nothing about, and then stick to them even when they are proven wrong.

i.e.  "He's gay"

"No he's not, he dated a friend of mine two years ago."

"He's still a fag"

# 9  9/11/13 12:28 AM


Liers. Thives.cheeters.

# 10  10/31/13 5:10 AM

Liars,Cheaters, and Beaters

# 11  12/21/13 9:46 AM

Lie rs
people who have an addiction
I know you only asked for 3 of them but there are so many more that I can say

# 12  12/24/13 3:43 PM

When I saw the title, I was thinking pet peeves.  Like leaving a toilet paper spool with 3 squares, or coming up 1 sock short in the laundry.  It looks like it went a whole different direction.  So:

I don't like it when:
  1) I realize the things I dislike most in others, are the things I dislike most in myself.
  2) I stop 5 minutes after I've handled a situation wrong and realize what I should have done.
  3) I get angry at other drives because I'm in a hurry and didn't give myself enough time to get where I'm going.

# 13  1/6/14 10:33 AM

So many things to choose from....Ermm
1. Bad manners.
2. Attention seekers.
3. Beetroot.

# 14  1/7/14 9:12 PM

spitting--oh yuk! why?
and on and on

# 15  1/8/14 11:33 PM

dog pooh [  on paths  ]

kids who scatch cars

people who dont laugth

# 16  1/19/14 7:54 PM

1. Liars
2. Controlling People
3. Tempers

# 17  1/27/14 2:00 AM

people who............liar................who hert
                who owe u money/favours  ..then dissapear..when u need help

# 18  3/28/14 10:15 PM


People who don't have manners; rudeness; arrogance.

# 19  4/9/14 1:00 AM

SereneAngel wrote:

People who don't have manners; rudeness; arrogance.


# 20  4/16/14 10:47 AM

I do not like
1. Liars and traitors
2. People are constantly trying to convert you
3. Friends who need you only when they need something from you

# 21  4/17/14 9:02 PM

paying out too much for a job in your house..that u cant do

drivers who sit in the outside lane on a moterway,,often on the phone

people who want to cut the que,,because its only one thing they have got...

# 22  4/25/14 3:41 PM

1. Noodles ANY pasta actually eww looks like worms that is NOT going in my mouth lol.
2. Justin Beiber and Elvis one is dead so leave him there  and one should be haha
3. People who judge your taste in music and label you for it . I have eclectic music taste from Marilyn Manson to Bach so don't pigeon hole me please .
Vegetable rights and peace may groovy be upon you all have a riot of a life xx

I know that's technically 4 but hey who wants to be like everyone else why stop at 3 ?

# 23  4/30/14 2:00 PM

Any sort of abuse, people who just stop in front of you; whilst walking and finally anybody who uses too much slang!

# 24  5/2/14 11:31 PM

road rage.......people who take advantage.........traffic jams

# 25  5/9/14 1:51 PM

1. When guys pee on the seat and/or leave the seat up (like seriously clean up after yourselves you lazy fuck)
2. WOMEN who pee on the seat lol #GROSS BITCHES
3. People who take up two seats on the bus and/or don't get up for the elderly/pregnant (Selfish Penisfaces)
*4. Being distracted by meanwhile im an hr late for work lol