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Instagram Halloween photo contest

# 1  10/15/13 12:17 PM

Trick or treat people!

Yeah, it's time for our amazing, creative and terrifyingly fun Halloween contest! Brace yourselves, the time of magic and ghosts approaches...

Grab your costumes, put up your decorations, get your hands on those pumpkins. You have two weeks to make a winning Halloween-themed photo!

Three lucky chosen ones will be honoured with use of all the features for an entire month, absolutely FREE! The three shadowy figures whose photos receive the most likes will get our amazing reward!

So, step up witches and wizards! Time is slipping away...


Post photos in this very topic or add them to your own Instagram account, just don't forget to add the special contest hashtag #halloweencupid.'s Instagram account:



# 2  10/18/13 6:20 PM

Just want to share

# 3  10/20/13 7:54 AM


nice one, Maria
i will post a pic too then

# 4  10/22/13 7:41 AM

Brilliant pictures