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I don't date American women....

# 1  5/5/14 5:29 AM

I am a 55yr.old white male born and raised in California,Texas and Oklahoma. I have only had 3 relationships with American women.Two cheated on me and the third had children and dropped them off at her husbands and wanted to leave with me forgetting she had them.There's more to that story but not now. In California almost all my friends were from Mexico. I truly feel sometimes I am an outsider looking I never had a Latina woman or girl ever cheat on me or disrespect me in any way. I've always been attracted to dark hair and skin.I have lived in Mexico for several years and loved it. My health forced me to relocate up to Oklahoma. My question is should I give American women another chance or stick with what I'm comfortable with. There are a lot of beautiful women up here but it makes me very nervous when someone talks about fixing me up.I don't know if I can trust them with my heart,the last three times it was torn apart.


# 2  5/5/14 10:37 AM


Sorry to hear you've been hurt in the past. I feel that my answer is an obvious one but will share it anyway. Of course you should give American women a chance. I don't think it's ever fair to stereotype a whole nation of people because of a few arses. It may be difficult but anybody can hurt you; theirs both good and bad people from every culture, nation and religion so you just have to be you and hope for the best.

Good luck!

# 3  5/6/14 2:00 AM

I learned a long time ago that most American women cannot be trusted.  Do trust your instincts about foreign women.  I have been to many Latin American countries, my favorite of which is Colombia.  For one there is NO age discrimination there like there is here.  I can't stand the fact here that if you are dating a girl 20 years younger than you, they look at you like your a child molester here!  Over there, it is the accepted norm!  It is this way in Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, and most other countries of Latin America.  The women in the US are for the most part spoiled rotten and just interested in what's in it for them and have their own agendas.  I have been trying for years to find a decent American girl and I am around your age and have failed to do so.  I gave up on the idea.  I recently went to the Philippines and thought I died and was in heaven.  Girls there are so kind and easy to talk to and they all love American guys.  And all of them love older more mature guys too.  There are better places out there and better women.  You just have to pursue your other options if you can.

# 4  5/21/14 5:03 AM

I too have been to Mexico,Japan,Korea and Europe as well as Canada.Yes women here are very different than most countries. I want to travel to Columbia and Peru,Brazil,Costa Rica and El Salvador. and most of Latin America. I grew up in California and live in Texas.Now working in Oklahoma but I'm still Texan.Most of all my friends are from Mexico or here in Oklahoma and Texas. I speak some Spanish and lived in Mexico and worked here for over 14 years.  I'm very familiar with Latin customs. And you are right Sir.So right.