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GIRL PROBLEMS, When to ask her out? Ladies advice please.

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# 1  6/20/14 5:08 PM

Ok, so lately I've been having a spot of trouble on dating websites. One day I'll have met the most amazing girl, we'd have lots in common & share amazing stories with one another. SHE gives ME her phone number, It's going good so far right? So the next day, I send her a text asking If she had any plans Saturday... & I waited.... Never got a reply. I later found her online & asked if she had recieved said text & she said yes, but she was busy. So, next day. Same again, I said I'd pay for us to have Pizza on Saturday. She replies she wouldn't have me paying for her but doesn't give me a definite answer. So, I finally had enough as you can imagine I felt crushed so I sent her one last email on the dating website, simply as "Do you still want to meet me?" That was 3 days ago, still no answer. How can someone have so much in common with me, give me her phone number, shown an interest in meeting me then give me the cold shoulder just a few days later? I'm left wondering what I did wrong & I feel horrible.

Bit of advice please ladies, did i come on too strong? When should i ask a person out? Why did she give me her phone number if she doesn't want me asking her out/texting her when she doesn't bother to reply? I'm really sad & confused.