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Favorite Movies from A to Z

# 1  5/8/13 9:47 AM

Under the Tuscan Sky


# 2  5/17/13 5:18 AM

You didn't specify rules

I need a laugh - Super Troopers or Spaceballs (depends on the mood)
I need to be engaged for a few hours - LOTR
I need to be reminded of the child in me - The Princess Bride
I need to ponder that moral dilemma - Stephen Kings Storm of the Century
I want to be a cowboy - Tombstone
It's all about the military - Band of Brothers (not technically a movie, but hopefully an exception can be made )
I need some action - Big Trouble in Little China
I need some drama - Shawshank Redemption
I need some science fiction - Star Trek (reboot)
I need to get something out of my eye - With Honors
I need a love story - The Princess Bride (Yea... I repeated myself.  It's not an area I watch that often and this is about favorites, right?)
I'm just bored.... - RED (with Bruce Willis)

If you're looking for a hidden gem, I've got one for you.  However, you'll only like it if you watched, and enjoyed, the BSG reboot.  Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.  You can watch the episodes on YouTube, but you want the movie version that has the additional 30 minutes.  I feel it was extremely well written, absolutely great acting, and will just keep you glued.  I know nothing about the Halo universe or games and I absolutely loved this movie.  It might interest you more if you really like science fiction.

# 3  11/3/13 6:14 PM

  my favorite movie is bad moon.

# 4  3/20/14 3:04 AM

Seems the rules were sort of implied - Fave movies FROM A to Z

A- Annie Hall
B- Blues Brothers
C- Caddyshack
D- Dirty Harry
E- Erin Brockovich
F- Forrest Gump
G- Gone With the Wind
H- Hannibal (Sir Anthony Hopkins)
I- In The Heat of The Night
J- Jason and The Argonauts
K- Kramer vs. Kramer
L- Last Man Standing
M- Murder on the Orient Express
N- No Country For Old Men
O- One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
P- Payback (Mel Gibson)
Q- Quo Vadis
R- Rainman, Rocky
S- Saving Private Ryan, Shawshank Redemption
T- Training Day (The Apartment)
U- Unforgiven
V- Victor Victoria
W- White Men Can't Jump
X- X-Men
Y- Young Frankenstein
Z- Zoolander

I'm sure someone can improve on this, so let's get this rolling. If that's too much work, someone can put an "A" movie and the next a "B" etc.

# 5  3/20/14 2:23 PM

A          An Officer And A Gentleman

# 6  3/20/14 2:25 PM

B            Back To The Future

# 9  6/1/14 12:11 AM

E          enchanted

# 10  6/11/14 4:47 PM

F       Failure to Launch

# 11  6/17/14 11:26 PM

G     goldfinger

# 12  6/23/14 3:08 PM

A Knights Tail