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Dating coworker

# 1  1/3/14 1:41 PM


it's actually not as taboo as it once was...some companies are even offering socials amongst colleagues, to support and encourage such!


# 2  2/6/15 1:25 PM


asw3985 wrote:

I would say it sounds like it might be okay. Depends on how you would feel if things go sour - would you likely be the topic of the gossip mill (if one exists at your workplace), and how would you feel about that?...Would you feel your professional reputation would suffer from that?

Dating at work can be a bit of a tricky one. If it works out it can be great. You'll get to spend lots of time with one another and work might even be a bit more fun. If it doesn't work out I imagine I could be quick tricky. Especially if you are arguing or end up breaking up. You might not want to see them again but you have to whilst you still work at the same job. So I think there definitely some pros and cons. I found some useful dating at work advice at … dvice.aspx  which I've found interesting and useful in the past and thought you might find it helpful. Good luck with it