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Completely confused

# 1  1/19/14 7:50 PM


I have not been on a date in a really really long time and have tried to give dating websites a go but I don't seem to be having any luck. I very rarely get messages from guys and those I do get are from guys much older than me who I am not attracted what I want to know is, where am I going wrong?

Any advice is helpful here!!


# 2  2/26/14 3:43 AM

Loose some weight.... Thats it

# 3  2/27/14 12:34 PM

urmate wrote:

Loose some weight.... Thats it

Hi. Tough reply by the man. In a way true but...don't for get this is a site that only caters for anyone's interest on first impressions and this can only be done by looking at one's appearance. No one can get to fall slowly in admiration, rspect, fondness or love on a damn picture. You want to know where u you are going wrong, hmm does depend what you want. If you only want sex, and with somethng half attractive, state that you are up for most anything, willing to help inexperienced guys (no matter how young -ok legal age of course), say you are daring in bed etc.
If you want a relationship well its hard to portray your qualities that would be attractive to a man via only a picture and words. No one ever writes that they are a nutbag and have tonnes of issues so...get what I mean...your description of yourself in terms of great traits we all want really cant be believed until you meet...then we are back to judging a book by its cover.
Sadly why you are getting unattractive and older men is, is because they believe they have a chance with you, again because users of this site can only use a picture to judge. E-harmony has a questionnaire and it sems to nail one down to very compatible people maybe that is the answer?
Anyways it is tough isn't it? Be pleased to know there are quite a few men out there who like larger i.e. somewhat overweight women. Sadly again, it is hard to know those who are genuine and want to be with you and those who just love shagging a bigger woman and dont want anymore than a friends with benefits relationship.
Hope I have enligtened you a little and it has helped. Dont mean to be mean only honest. Take care and good luck.