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Caption contest #3

# 26  12/28/13 5:31 AM

He better have the right answer on his shoe. If I fail I will kick his butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

# 27  12/28/13 5:34 AM

Hey, put your foot higher so I can get the answers.

# 28  1/1/14 9:04 PM

Ted-Moderator wrote:

Rules are the same:
- Think of something funny to say about a picture posted below;
- Post your comment in this topic;
- Please note that everyone is allowed to post more then one caption!
- Every week we will award 3 best captions with a 7 days membership and post a new picture

Good luck everyone! … 430b7e.jpg

That is not the answer to that question, it is her phone number!

# 29  1/13/14 5:36 PM

Sorry don't have Facebook so this is an official friend request.

# 30  6/22/14 4:09 AM

OMG!!!! Ralph! I don't know how much longer I can do this no text thing!  FED X!!! Where is my cell phone!!!!