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What can stop a man from cheating?

# 1  9/25/13 2:50 PM

I think that once a cheater chances are he will continue to cheat n as hard as it is why would you want to lower ur standards to a man that does not love you as he says he does or he would be faithful to you. also you as a girlfriend can not change him he has to want to do it himself i know this sucks i just broke up with my fiancer who i loved so much because he had insecurities and accused me of cheating and as hard as it was to break free of that relationship I truely believe that if he loves me he would work on himself n come back but deep down I think I loved him alot more then he did me. Love is hard and sucks sometimes but with a good network of friends and family you can make it and move on to happier things and better


# 2  9/25/13 11:09 PM

I don't think there anything anyone can do to stop someone from cheating. People normally make excuses to cheat, they claim its something their not getting at home or from the person their dealing with. People go through the most trying to cheat, creating lies wih destroys trust in the relationship. Some people just get greedy and want something they shouldn't or can't have. Cheating does damage to both people involved as well as the kids! To some it's the thrill of the game of getting away with cheating.

# 3  9/26/13 5:28 AM

mmm..strange 'ask a guy' and all gurls

sure there are things to do... pay attention.. be intimate... listen to needs and try to fill them... respect... 

and now what the woman can do.. *smile*... the same...

beyond that.. you need to decide how important the relationship is... you might just have to be a non-traditional couple.. and open the relationship ... what you might find is strange is .. its ok for him to ..'date'.. but not ok for her... if that's the case, the relationship is pretty much sunk.. move on..

# 4  9/26/13 11:05 AM

If he is into you, he will want you, if he isnt all that into you, he will be looking elsewhere. It isnt rocket science.

# 5  9/26/13 4:14 PM

This is simple relationship psychology, people.
If a guy thinks he's still available, he's going to keep shopping around.
You have to convince him that he's not still on the market, and that usually means some kind of commitment ritual that seals the deal. It's not hard to figure out whether your man is still looking or not.

It's all about personal habits and mindset. Make sure your man isn't being spontaneous because he can't control himself, but rather, that he knows that it is a good time to make something happen, with you.
It's a good sign if he wants to keep track of you and you want to keep track of him. You can't have a male once-a-week feel-good-buddy who doesn't cheat. Once a week just isn't serious enough for commitment.

It's true, you both have to fill a need in your partner's life. This doesn't mean anything big, it's just that you both have to have a natural reason to think about each other when you are not together, or you just have to accept that it's not serious, and one or both of you are still shopping around.

Accept that stopping a man from cheating is manipulative. There's a big fad around trying not to be controlling or manipulative, but there's no way to avoid it unless you are the only two people left on the island. Check out his friends and see if they're telling him to do things that are unhealthy for your relationship. Check on his family life. Find out what he talks about when there are no women around.

There is one quick fix, easy answer, and I bet you can figure out what it is without me having to say it. It's not a requirement, but it sure is easy.

# 6  9/28/13 2:35 AM

no, some guys are just jerks.
so are some women. that's how i got divorced.
only advice i can give, keep the communication open,
and get with someone that's a communicator. my ex,
was not, and didn't know how, still doesn't. that was  a
huge problem, and so she did what she could do, she
cheated.  if you communicate well, and so does the guy,
you should be able to head off problems before they get
bad enough to want to cheat.

# 7  9/30/13 6:06 PM

There is me. After 19 yrs of marriage and trying anthing i could do to fix things, my conclusion is if he is a true and honest man he wont.  I dont think it has anything to do with love, its just that some men are just not able to be that faithful.

# 8  10/1/13 12:47 AM

I think the only thing you can do is try to keep the relationship interesting,keep yourself in shape and sexy and hope for the best

# 9  10/1/13 3:45 AM

Erotic ,love between a man n woman ,would include same sex ones too ,though can;t really comment from experience of but hetrosexual ,does depend upon ,EROS ,as called too ,depends upon comprehensive complete satiation of hunger for sex ,quite like with food ,,u r not satisfied with just one dish ,for life ,need variety ,with a complete meal hence anty relationship with physical mental psychological would lead to Conjugal bed burning syndrome ,a recipe for disaster leading to Straying out ,to get what was missing in the intercourse ,phsial gratification by surrendering mind body n soul ,.as it happened ,pral sex to completion was missing ,ultimately leading to divorce ,.it means the onus of not denying physical pleasure to partner becomes a duty ,and if found lacking leads to straying .however Men have a preponderance to look for sexual gratification with or without ,other intimacies ,love n sweet ,French kisses ,beautiful ,i could love you ,if u would let me .

# 10  10/2/13 7:40 PM


The same thing that can stop a man from cheatting is the same thing that will stop a woman from cheating.  there are just as many women cheating as there are men.  Relationships are just what people make them cheat or not to cheat shouldn't be the question.

# 11  10/5/13 11:47 AM


The first thing you have to ask yourself is : "did he become interested in you while he was involved with another woman?" If he did then he cheated on them and will eventually cheat on you. Personal values is what will keep anyone from cheating or not. Yes you have to take the time to build closeness daily. Yes every relationship has conflicts but don't fight over things that don't really matter.  ie color of paint on the wall, style of couch in living room, how to squeeze the tooth paste, or leave the seat up or down. These things don't really matter but will send any man out looking or asking other woman if you are being fair to them.  Then as soon as he finds someone that agrees with him he will become interested in them cause they understand him.

# 12  10/6/13 1:42 AM

Very complex and fascinating topic this infidelity in deed.  One of the most important elements of a relationship that works congruently with communication as mentioned in other posts. 
How do I keep someone that loves me and that i love from stepping over the line into adultery?  A sin that most all human minds cannot push away to forgive and forget.  To bring back that fire that once kept you together after such a painful experience.  We all have been a part of adultery either doing it or knowing someone who has been affected by it and listened to the pain during the healing and suffering.  The continuation of this pain is devastating to ones mental well-being and most often leads to a bitter end so yes people who are truly in love want to avoid this potential of weakness in our sinful flesh.  Yes the love will and should overcome all desires and potential there of, but what if?  What if for one moment there is a break down in our spouses minds a weakness so to speak.  What if for one moment the person im with gets brown out drunk and we are fighting and doesn't handle his/her liquor/drugs well and crap.  My spouse comes to his right mind and has to confess the circumstances to me   Now a major mess has unraveled into constant fights that revolve around this consciously or subconsciously.  The trust of what you had will never be the same.  Not that its gone, but very badly damaged and a visible scar will always be there and time will only heal to that point. 
Why, why, why did you do this to me to us our family is what the words from your mouth will be?!  And your spouse will say each and every time, i don't know what i was thinking.  Apparently not about me, you will say.  I do love you, we were going through this long distant feeling from one another, no sex, stressful events in life, i met someone that didn't seem as detached as us, i got drunk and something inside me wanted the marriage to be over ever so faint, but still there and a little alcohol and here we are.
1.  Never under estimate communication.  Once you can't discuss and compromise each and every issue in your relationship and resolve it quickly your relationship is living on borrowed time.
2.  Never use no sex as a punishment to your spouse.  If your spouse has an over active sex drive you just waived a red flag in front of a bull.  You don't want to mess with the power of hormones.  Again borrowed time, unless you can resolve the problem and compromise quickly and agreeable fair.
3.  Never under mind your mans dreams, stature, self-worth, and for god sakes his sexual function and for heaven sakes compare it to an ex that was better!  Kiss your relationship bye-bye.  Maybe not that he'll cheat, but a man is proud and of all the things we seem to forget along the way we will never forget the women we've choosen for life to say these things to us.  It's as powerful to a man as infidelity in the fact of back stabbing and loss of that kindling flame so to speak.

In summary:  Communication/compromise, sex/sex/sex,  Be repectful to your mate.

# 13  10/9/13 9:55 AM

asw3985 wrote:

Hello...I don't mean to be disrespectful here and I don't say men are cheaters as I do know there are many guys out there who are very faithful...
But what I am wondering is what can stop a guy from cheating? Do you think there are things a girlfriend can do to prevent a  guy from cheating? Or does it just depend on how big his conscience is and all that?

It can be done by regular obsevation. when ever a girl saw any abnormal behaviour, i.e. showing extra ordinary intrest or talk some thing more smart. a girl can sort out cheater.

# 14  10/10/13 1:09 PM


His inner voice should guide him, unless he has total disregard for the feelings of others.

# 15  10/16/13 11:18 AM

I think cheating more depends on the person, not really the gender. Maybe you have more tendencies to cheat? No offense

# 16  11/18/13 2:09 PM

If a person cheats it's because they chose to do it.No one and nothing forced them too.They decided to do it of their own free will. No one can be stolen,they have to want to go.No one can be led astray,they have to want to go down that road.

# 17  11/20/13 9:34 AM

What stops someone from cheating..... Love. Its that simple

# 18  1/23/14 3:42 PM

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# 19  10/7/17 12:24 PM


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