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# 1  5/28/14 3:03 AM

I don't understand why men message me and wink me when they can quite clearly see I'm a lot younger then them. They are old enough to be my dad but yet they send me dirty messages like they actually stand a chance. Hit on someone your own age!


# 2  5/28/14 5:58 AM

Maybe instead of acting like you should stop being an ageist. I get you may not want the dirty talk, but at least think about the fact that one of these guys may truly want to show you how a man treats a woman. I know of a lot of women your age who are dating men twice as old as they are and they are the happiest women in the world.

You do know what you may be missing. If it is not your thing. Then suck it up. Your on a public dating site where anyone or anything can message you.


# 3  5/30/14 2:26 AM

It works both ways, I am sick of getting messages from girls who could easily be my daughter and in one case, my granddaughter.
I just block them but they still keep coming from different people.