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January 2007

Alison, Cambridge

The email reminder today to renew my subscription prompted me to write in to say Thank You. Yours was easily the most effective and friendliest dating site I'd joined - it was easy to use, I could see it was very active, and also the people here just seemed a good sample of the normal population... More importantly though, I have met my soulmate via your website, so I couldn't be happier. My profile was incredibly successful on your website, with over 1700 viewing - far more than the other websites I'd joined.

Carol, Macclesfield

I met a lovely guy two months ago and things are going very well so far. Without Friends Reunited Dating I would never have met him so all I can say is very big THANK-YOU! Only time will tell if things progress into anything more serious but i'm quite optimistic, watch this space.

Kate, Dudley

Thank you so much - I have not renewed my membership as I am in a brilliant relationship with another of your members. If you check your records - you'll notice that we hid our profiles at the same time. I'm still amazed that we found each other on your site - never really expected to meet "the one" online - but I really think I have. Great news is that he feels the same way! Its only been a few months - so I can't give you any wedding dates for your stories. We started emailing each other on November 4th 2006. We met up a week later and its been a fairy tale ever since..... Thanks again - One VERY HAPPY customer!!!

Steve, Leamington Spa

…just wanted to let you know that Lisa and I got married last August after meeting on your site - my site name was Steve... Lisa had been looking for Mr Right for 30+ years ... we first met on the site on 2004 and our first meeting was in the multi-storey car park in Leamington Spa! So thank you all very much - you wicked matchmakers! And Happy New Year.

Gary, Thatcham

…l would like to take this opportunity to thank your website for finding me my ideal partner. Both Heather and l met online and corresponded most evenings until we decided that Heather should move in with me. Heather lost her husband through a brain tumor and l lost my wife through a divorce. We are both in our fifties and are now looking forward to the 31st August 2007 when we shall get married. Years 2004, 2005 were both very bad years for us and it was not until March 2006 that you changed our life. Your web site does work and we wanted to say a big thank you to you . If your web site didn't exist we would never have been planning our marriage. Thank you!

Carla, London

Wrote to you before when I wasn't sure if he is 'the One', now I'm sure.......the internet allows one to pick the best of all the guys and I did.....He is gentle, kind, considerate and doesn't mind me talking to other people when we're out.....he's not possessive or jealous and that is exactly what I wanted. Thank you and I just hope this relationship last's a very long time (if not forever)...thanks again.

Very much in love

My now partner and myself would like to thank FRIENDS REUNITED for bringing us together , and changing our lives COMPLETELY, We were both "persuaded" to go onto the site roughly the same week by well meaning friends and relatives. In the second week we were in contact with each other, we met one lunchtime for a coffee a month later, we then became good friends and are now very much in love.

Blanche, Driffield

It sounds like a "Mills and Boon" novel, and if anyone had told me I would never have believed them, we both have the same birthday! Strange but true.Anyway thank you so much Friends Reunited We have had a wonderful Christmas and new year, and we are now planning a spring holiday together, and of course our future life together.

David, Maidstone

I'd been on and off another online dating site for over a year, and had been getting regular weekly Friends Reunited Dating Matches updates too. Having experienced the ups and downs of this form of dating I was getting pretty cynical about the whole thing when I saw Lynn on one of your Matches emails, was very drawn to her profile and so I sent her an eCard. She responded, so I paid to join for a month..........the best money that I've EVER spent. We've finally found each other, soulmates who've tuned in perfectly to each others' wavelengths. One tip: take it as slow as you can if you find the right person - it will be worth it in the long run. To this end, we discussed the merits of texts and phone calls, and to this day we have NEVER sent each other a text message! Thank you - I never thought I'd find anybody like Lynn, EVER.

Jenny, Gloucester

My membership is about to run out and I would like to thank you for helping me to meet my future husband. I joined FRD on the 12th October and by the 20th October Pete had viewed my profile. I then viewed his profile and also sent an email. We then exchanged several lengthy e-mails before deciding to speak on the phone. When the phone calls reached 6 hours every evening, we decided to meet. We met on the 5th November at Chipping Norton (approx. half way between our two homes) and as they say 'it was the icing on the cake'. On the 2nd December, we became engaged and our Wedding is set for the 4th August 2007, my 61st birthday. I have sold my flat and Pete is in the process of selling his house in Buckingham. He is moving to Gloucester from Buckingham and we have already made an offer on a new home not far from where I live now. To say all this is overwhelming is an understatement. We are both very happy and luckily both our families approve of our forth-coming Wedding.

Zoe, Hartlepool

I have not renewed my subscription because I have found the person I was looking for thanks to your site and believe it or not he lived in my home town as well which was a bonus. Many many thanks and I hope many other people find that special someone too.

Tracy, Puckeridge

I have been on the Friends Reunited Dating Website for 3 months and been out with a couple of guys for a drink, and then I was contacted by Paul and what can I say..... the chemistry was there and we clicked straight away and now we are inseparable, I have been on other dating web sites but I would recommend this one to anyone who is looking for that perfect match. Thanks Friends Reunited Dating

Cathy, Reigate

I have met the man of my dreams through your dating site - for which I want to really thank you. We have been seeing each other for 10 weeks now and this weekend we have just booked up for our first holiday together - I am so excited. Meeting Robin through your site was brilliant - we got to know about each other before meeting up. He made me laugh through the message service and I haven't stopped laughing since. He is my dream come true. So again a really BIG thank you.

Ray, Halifax

I feel that I have found my perfect match we are very happy at this time and we hope that it will continue in this way in the future, we would never have met if not for your site because we live about 260 miles apart and it is doubtful if we would have ever met in a normal way, thanks again.

Amanda, Littlehampton

Joined FRD and within a couple of weeks met Mike the man of my dreams, a perfect gentleman and he only lived in the next town. Been happily enjoying getting to know each other for exactly 2 months to the day now and feel like we have always known each other. Thank you for helping me find the love of my life I feel that we will be together for the rest of our lives now.

Sami, Worthing

hello to Friends Reunited Dating just a quick note to let you know that thanks to you I have met a lovely guy, who I have now been seeing for three weeks, and hopefully we will be together for a long time, so thank you Friends Reunited Dating for making it happen and by helping me find happiness again.

Shirley, Bodmin

I had a couple of bad contacts through the site so decided not to bother. I would never reply to a contact with no picture so why I did with this particular one I don't know. I was joking with my son reading that this contacts favourite drink was martini, I said "look this guy thinks he is James Bond" but curiously I replied to his email??? We met at a service area on the M5, very casual and laid back as I wasn't expecting hearts and flowers, chatted and said goodbye but agreed to meet again. After the second meeting I realised that here was a man I wish I had met years ago. I love him to bits but he is not long out of a bad relationship so I will give him the space to recover (it took me over 12 months). Fingers crossed. Thanks for the opportunity wherever it leads.

Jayne, Calne

I just wanted to thank-you for allowing me to meet a lovely man through your dating site. John and I first made contact at the beginning of August last year and after e-mailing, texting and then talking for hours on the phone we decided to meet up after only 2 weeks. WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER EVER SINCE!!! John lives in Essex and I live in Wiltshire but the distance hasn't stopped us being together. We are very much in love with one another and John has just put his house on the market as he intends to buy a property down here and we will move in together. We are both happier then we have been in years and it's all thanks to FR. I am 58yrs old and John is 61yrs old, both married previously- John a widower and I am a divorcee. So please let other members know there is someone out there for all of them. Thanks again!

Joanne, London

Just letting you know that I have actually found someone from your dating website within 2 days of subscribing! He was out of my initial criteria but we started to chat and got on really well. I went away on holiday to Crete and he phoned several times whilst I was away and we eventually met when I returned. Now nearly 4 months later we are still together and going strong - this is all down to the Friends Reunited Dating website - thank you!

Paul, North West

Thanks to Friends Reunited Dating I now have love in my life again. I was somewhat over whelmed when 'who's viewed me' exceeded 700. I received a good number of 'Winks' and 'Messages' from ladies with similar interests to mine and dated five but from all this, just one message and one person was just for me. Thanks!

Andrew, Shoreham

I have found a partner thank you, she approached me and is full of love and a great friend, we chat everyday and hope to meet up in a few months as she lives 400 miles away. We send friendship and love things to each other by the lorry load online everyday. Thank you for your support!

Lissi, Studley

Just like to say thank you for your site. Met my husband to be on Friends Reunited Dating last January and he proposed just before Christmas. The big day is all set for the 13th of October this year. Can't wait. Big thank you from us both.

Graciela, Milan

I definitely congratulate you for making this service available to so many busy people. You must know that I found the right friend for my needs and specially for his. Thank you so much for letting me join your organization and hope you continue making more people and members HAPPY. Thank you again.

Pascal, Keighley

I met Sarah 4 months ago after she first nudged me on friends reunited dating. We are absolutely perfect for each other. On the 30th December we flew out to Salzburg for five nights and on New Years Eve I proposed on a horse and carriage. We are to be married in August!

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