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Every day we receive feedback from members about their site experiences. Here are just a few...

Carrie, London

Last October I received a mail from a local guy in my village...didn't take it seriously...we texted each other a few times, I just never got round to meeting him... Christmas came and went...on the 2nd of January I was let down by some of girlfriends who were down with the flu we had intended to go to a local dance, so I texted the guy from the village to see if he would like to go with me... We met at 9pm and my life changed from there...I couldn't believe my luck, he was gorgeous, tall, handsome and a gentleman. We just clicked. Now are buying a new house together, and move in together in May! I'm so enjoying the love and attention of courtship and dating until we finally move in together. Thank you so much...after being on various dating sites for above 8 years, it has finally happened for me...

Kay, Middlesborough

I joined at the end of December, and by early January had met a lovely guy who lives in my area. It was a mutual attraction, and we had so much in common. We now see each other regularly, and long may it continue! It has changed both our lives for the better.

Kate, Cambridgeshire

Thank you! I have met someone very special on your site. I have very good feelings about it all, but still I'm waiting to see what happens. It was an instant attraction and we seem to have clicked, I can't really put my finger on it exactly but it feels great! And he feels exactly the same. Hopefully there will be others as lucky as me.

Peter, St Leonards on Sea

I was getting nil response from the women I'd tried to contact, to the point where I'd almost decided to lapse my membership, but then one of my favourites sent me a wink. She was a recent favourite because her profile seemed suitable but, in light of my experience in the past, I'd just about given up on ever getting a reply from anyone so didn't bother to try and contact her. After the wink, I did what I think people should do when they're contacted and responded with an email, she replied and we struck a chord with each other. I must say that at my age I didn't really think I'd find a suitable woman anywhere, let alone on the Internet. Perhaps it's lucky I spent many years working in an IT environment and feel totally at home using a computer as part of my everyday life. Now that medium has brought a wonderful woman into my life, it can't get better than that!

David, Manchester

Like to let you know that I've chatted to a lovely woman for the past month and we've met a few times and it's going really well. So thank you very much and good luck to everyone else.

Steve, North West

Hi....I am experiencing this just now.... I meet a girl who I chat to every day ?.. and I have asked her does the seventeen year age gap bother you? She says no because how can you put an age on at first it was bothering me ...then I listened to her side, and she said to me, that I was making it an issue not her. So she said then bringing up the age gap...was putting her off? So for our relationship to work, was just to stop it getting in the way...and now I have got over this ...we just love each other.. and are getting married in October this year! Thank you for all the help I got in finding my partner on frd...

Wendy, Northampton

I don't think I need your site much longer, I have met the man of my dreams through you. He is kind sensitive and I think the world of him already. Met him twice and we clicked straight away. Seeing him again soon as he only lives down the road . I thought there wasn't any good men in this world till I met him thank you so much! I hope to give you more good news in the future. If you read this skip my heart goes out to you xxxx

Jo, Suffolk

After my divorce I left it 3 years before deciding to dabble with dating again. I met some lovely men through FRD but there was something missing and I decided not to actively search for the elusive Mr Right and that's when Richard came across my profile. He sent me emails and texts and we chatted like old friends. We met in May 2006 and have been together ever since. We became engaged at Christmas and I am moving to Suffolk at the end of the month. Thank-you for your service because without it we wouldn't have found each other.

Elaine, Bridlington

After being on your site for just one week I have been lucky enough to receive plenty of interest and made some friends. One guy in particular has very similar interests to me and we are going to give it a go so to speak. We have both been looking for a sincere, genuine person, amongst other attributes, and I think I have found what I have been looking for.... so who knows, romance may follow in the future. We are now making plans for our first date. Thank you.

Jean, Willenhall

I found love last August on friends and we are still together.

Eve, Ely

I'd just like to say a big thank you! I rejoined this website only a few weeks ago, on my first day back I met a wonderful guy!! Things are great and although he's in London, we're going to make it work! There's such a connection between us and fingers crossed, he's going to be around for quite a while!! So, again, thank you!!

Kate, North East

Hi, Just thought I'd let you know that I met the man of my dreams on your website last April and we are getting married this year in November.

Janet, Deeside

Hello I would like to share with you all that I had been on this site for 7 days and a wonderful man has found me, my knight in shining armour he is in Iraq at the moment, we are messaging and have progressed to telephoning . We are meeting up in a couple of weeks when he is back in England I cant thank you enough .

Janine, Southport

Found a gorgeous man had looked at my profile on the 2nd day of my membership. Met him three weeks later. Phwoar!!!! I suspended my profile the day after our first meeting and discovered he had done the same. We live 111 miles apart but manage to spend as much time as possible together. We're planning a holiday soon. He's fantastic and I love him to pieces and what's even better - he feels the same about me. Thanks FRD!

Phillip, Cheltenham

I started talking to this Lady called Cindy who was from Petersfield as she was from my home town of Cheltenham. After sending a few messages back and forth we exchanged telephone numbers and have since spent more than a few hours on the phone to each other and both have this feeling when we meet in March when she is back from Business that we will like each other a lot as we feel we already know each other and more to the point we have missed talking for long periods of time. We have sent numerous emails and have expressed how we feel about each other. So watch this space as they say and hey ho you never know and should always remember never say never as love can come from out of the blue when you least expect it. One thing I would also like to add is the friends I have made along the while being on FRD site and I could not have expected that.

Pam, Newton Stewart

I joined FRD at the beginning of the year, having been on my own for a number of years, and felt quite strange advertising myself on the site. However, I received a wink from a lovely man in Northern Ireland on 3rd January to which I replied and we have corresponded and e-mailed ever since, sending photos and chatting over the phone. He logs on every morning before going to work just to see my photo and read my messages even if it is only a line or two. I am now going to meet my Irishman on Friday off the ferry and we are going to spend three days together . I will be showing him the area which he thinks is beautiful after all the photos I have sent to him recently. It is hard to think that only a few weeks ago we did not know we existed and yet it seems we know so much about one another already. I will be taking him back to the ferry on Monday afternoon and hope that although I will feel really sad at seeing him go back home, I will also be hoping that there is a chance that we have a future together, but who knows. It is nice to see that there are genuinely nice people using FRD and if you are feeling a bit reluctant or shy about getting to grips with the keyboard - don't - if I can do it, anyone can.

Bill, Thornhill

I am pleased to say that I have found the lady that I have been looking for after having dated two ladies that didn't have a photo on their profile, I won't say anymore on that subject. My success story is about the third lady I met after several emails and phone calls. As soon as we set eyes on each other we both knew we had found success. I'm sure the future of friendship and romance for us both is secure. THANK YOU FRD.

Elaine, Caldicot

Just to let you know that, through your site, I have found a loving partner. We live some distance away from each other but are in daily contact and spend every weekend together. Being able to chat online first to get to know each other was a great help. Thanks to you I am happy again!

Stephen, London

I was about to give up, but seen a lady I had wanted to view earlier, but she is 14 years younger than me, but what the heck I said, and now my world is upside down we are both totally in love with each other and we wait with impatience for the weekends to come so we can be together. So I would ask you to inform other members not to give up and as long as you are genuine then view the woman you think is right and just disregard age it is just a number. So thank you for this site never on it again (we both hope).

Colin, Croydon

I have found true love with the most amazing girl imaginable! thanks FRD!

Alan, Bolton

Just a note to thank you for helping to find my true love. We have now been together for over 4 months and our relationship has grown stronger by the day, we met on your site chatted for a few weeks and then finally met in Michele's (Taylor) home town of York. We are now planning our first holiday together. We both can't thank friends reunited enough for bringing us together. Thank you. Alan, Bolton

Sharon, Basildon

I thought I'd write and tell you about my story. After two failed marriages I was feeling that Love was not something I would ever truly find. After sitting at home feeling lonely in the evenings once the children had gone to bed I decided to join FRD's. After chatting to a few people and meeting up on a few occasions I decided that at least I had like minded people to talk to. Then 10 days before my membership ran out I started talking to Russ back in November. We met up on 1st December and although we live 50 miles away from each other we have spent every weekend and any other free time together. We have just booked our holiday with our children for July and concert tickets for June. Both Christmas and Valentines Day have been the best I have ever had and we haven't let a day go by without telling each other just how much we love each other. He has made my world complete and I have found a man that I know I can trust and rely on for the rest of my life. We are planning our future together and it's the best feeling in the world. So thanks to FRD's I am the happiest I have ever been.

Debra, Midlands

I can honestly say that I did not truly believe FRD would lead me anywhere I wanted to be. Had lots of dates, none really lit my fire, until the day I met the divine Mr Dando. Well Mr Dando captured my heart, and made my soul sing. I hope this lasts because it feels better than anything I have ever known.

Claudine, South East

Just to let you know that I was a member of your site from March to September 2004. I had lots of laughs and met lots of guys. In September that year I met a guy called James. He lived in Glasgow and I lived in Plymouth. What began was the love affair of my life. James moved to Plymouth in March 2005 and we will be celebrating our marriage on the 19th May this year! Thanks Friends Reunited, it really worked!

Maxi, Fareham

Just a quick line , I really didn't expect to find anyone in such a short time but I have, within two weeks and I have found the most amazing Russian girl. It's early days but we have been out and everything has clicked so who knows what will happen. Cheers!

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