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Dating Safety

Friends Reunited Dating provides the tools for genuine single adults to search, contact and chat anonymously to other members in a safe and secure environment.

We manually approve every member's profile to ensure you are offered the type of service you would expect from us. Please be aware though that we do not have any control over member to member contact. As we consider this a private affair between you and the person you are corresponding with, and you are two consenting adults, we leave the personal bits up to you.

With this in mind, we want you to act responsibly and use your common sense when talking to other members. Whilst we offer you an anonymous platform to chat to other members, you need to use your judgment and common sense when speaking to members, both on and offline.

To help you date safe, we've put together a few basic guidelines that we request all members familiarise themselves with. These guidelines may seem really obvious but we feel it's always worth reminding ourselves. The points below are intended as a guide for your personal safety, so that you can enjoy the site and find the perfect partner for you.

Use your instincts

You can meet some fantastic people on Friends Reunited Dating, both the perfect partner and friends for life. However, until you get to know someone well online be cautious about meeting them offline. Use your instincts to know how much personal information (for example your telephone number, address & your surname) to tell them and only agree to meet other members when you feel comfortable in doing so. Friends Reunited Datingkeeps all of your personal information a secret and will never pass on any information about you.

Be Aware

There are a tiny minority of people who use the Internet to trick other people into giving them money. These scams are extremely few and far between and the vast majority of individuals on Friends Reunited Datingare genuine people - we are constantly on the look out for scammers. Get more information about Internet scams here.

You're in control

Online dating is a great way to meet people and one of the great benefits of using Friends Reunited Datingis that you are in control of how fast or slow the relationships you develop go. Never feel obligated to meet someone face to face and only move from purely online communication when you are ready.

Starting a relationship

At the beginning of a relationship we tend to rush head long into things and not tread carefully. Build up a trust between you and the member online and take as much time as you think you will need. Trust is earned through honourable behaviour and if you feel the other member isn't being honest with you, stop communication or be very cautious. You can use the functions on the site which enable you to block members if you don't wish to be contacted by someone again.

Ask for a photo

You could be having a great relationship online and think you want to meet face to face but do you know who you are meeting? Always ask for a picture if there isn't one on their profile, and pass it onto a friend. This sounds a little extreme but it's always worth someone knowing who you are with. This will also comfort you when you are meeting the member on a date - you won't need the traditional carnations in your top pocket!

Seek variety

You've probably spoken via email, and maybe moved to instant messenger but have you spoken on the phone yet? It may sound silly but someone's voice maybe a real turn off and you don't want to waste your time with someone who you know is a no-no before you've even started! You don't need to pass on your telephone number, you can use the Friends Reunited Datinginstant messenger facility. Remember; only give out your personal numbers when you are ready, not when you're asked. Don't feel obliged.

Meeting up

At some point in some of your online relationships you may decide to meet the member face to face. Always meet in a public place, like a busy pub or restaurant and always tell a friend where you are going and how long you think you'll be. Always make your own way to a date and leave on your own. And I know it sounds hard but try not to drink too much. Being 'tipsy' could impair your judgments and if you move to a different location you may not know where you've gone.

Like in any situation, when meeting new people you don't know their background or real personality. When meeting up be conscious of any behaviour that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you aren't happy in their presence, make arrangements with a friend and leave. Remember that you are in control.

Help yourself

Regardless of where you meet someone, be it in a nightclub, in your local, at work or through Friends Reunited Dating, you need to look after yourself when meeting new people. Always carry your mobile phone, and make sure you tell a friend where you are going - and if you move from the location you originally said. If you are unhappy about your date, make your polite excuses and leave. Don't worry about feeling bad or embarrassed about leaving your date, think about yourself and make your dating experiences fun.

We're all different

Every member on the site is different, and some people will be happy to ask all sorts of questions, and freely give out information. However, members are also aware that not everyone is as open as them and until a relationship has developed through emails and maybe instant messenger, you may be a bit wary and reserved. Don't forget you are in control of (and ultimately responsible for) what you say and do. If you feel that a member is persistently harassing you please report this member to the support team who will take the necessary action.

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    Golden Rules for Online Dating

  1. Keep your communication on our site, don't be lured onto mobile or off site IM until you are absolutely certain you can trust the person.
  2. Don't be naive. We don't want to sound alarmist, but please don't fall for an elaborate sob story.
  3. Never give money to anyone who requests this and report anyone who does.
  4. Read our full Dating Safely Tips (on the left of this page) relating to safety on and offline.
  5. Have fun!